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, 06.05.2018
The choice of hotel in Ioannina can be called whole art. Of course, you can order everything on the Booking site, but there are some special features. The Greeks are quite a noisy people. Therefore, in hotels you should not expect silence, besides, the rooms are not cheap. As everywhere there is a concept: "season-off-season." So here, only the season here falls on winter holidays. In a densely populated city, there are a lot of visitors, which means that they book a weekend at the hotel in advance.

If you divide by place categories for a place to sleep, you get something like this:

1. Villas with their own garages, swimming pools and the opportunity to live with their animals.

2. Hotels with beautiful views, a restaurant and a place for a car.

3. Pensions with simple, but quite decent numbers.

4. Two kilometers outside the city on the shore of the lake there is a good camping. But they say that it is rather cramped and uncomfortable if you do not have your own van with a bed.
, 02.05.2018
una gran oportunidad de conocer nuestra America pero siempre y cuando tener cuidado en estos lares una cosa es hacer turismo en ciudad y otro asunto en el campo o montañas.
М-м-да... Стоит ли ехать за три моря щей хлебать? У нас на Урале горы поинтереснее будут.
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