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As for food, then all the restaurants and cafes of the city serve traditional local dishes. If suddenly someone loves all sorts of exotic things, then before ordering specify from what the food is prepared. The first on the list is "braaivleis" - the familiar kulob-kebab. Prepare the beef on the grill. Here questions should not arise, as well as with binyani - a pickled chicken. The chicken is cooked in a pot with a wide variety of seasonings.

Jerky meat called "biltong" to many will also have to taste. Local residents often prepare "ishim". It's something like a pudding made from cornmeal. This pudding is cooked in fresh water. Stewed vegetables are wrapped in cooked pudding. When eating, "Ishim" is dipped in sauce.

And now the fact that many will cause unpleasant feelings - "mashonzha". This is really a real local product, which even after cooking does not contribute to the appetite. The composition of the dish is large fat caterpillars with peanuts and red pepper. In that local people like it no one will doubt. But all sorts of tourists strive to try flavored insects. In addition, those who have tried this food speak of an unusual taste. Any meal here is washed down with tea and milk - a habit left after the colonial rule of the English.
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Франсистаун является родиной Музея Супа Нгвао, с выставками, связанными с историей области и наследием. Новый заповедник, Тачила, расположенный в 5 км от центральной части города на старой Ферме Тати Никель, Леди Мэри. Постройка домика и договоренности в стадии реализации на 2008 г. Город — родина Собора Нашей Леди Пустыни, которая является местом апостольского викария Франсистауна.
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